AVIC Xi’an Aircraft Industry (group) Company Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as AVIC XAC). It is served as a super-large aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research, development and manufacturing as well as an important development and manufacturing base of large-and medium-sized civil and military aircraft in China. It covers an area of over 4 million square meters with approximately 17,000 employees.

AVIC XAC has insisted on taking the military and commercial airplanes development and manufacture as the first priority and developed the non-aero products based on science and technology progress. XAC has become a high-tech industry group integrated with aircraft, automobile, architectural material, electronic products and import and export trade etc.

Over the past 50 years, AVIC XAC has developed and manufactured more than 30 types of military and commercial aircraft. For the military aircraft, XAC developed China flying leopard, B6 bomber serial aircraft etc. Among those, aerial tanker and flying leopard have been awarded special award of National Technology Advancement Award. Commercial aircraft mainly include Y7 aircraft and MA serial aircraft etc. MA60 aircraft is designed, produced and flight-tested according to CCAR-25, reaching or approaching the international level of the current type in terms of safety, comfort, economy, maintainability and flying quality.  Since 1980, XAC has taken the lead going globally and working with the world renowned aviation enterprises such as Boeing, Airbus, Canada and Italy Alenia to build aviation products. Aircraft structure subcontract manufacturing of XAC has ranked top in the aviation field.


Following the multi-sector development strategy, AVIC XAC has successively invested and set up 30 holding companies including Silver Bus Company, Ltd, XAC Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd, XAC Import and Export Company, etc. with products covering luxury Silver Bus, Xifei Brand aluminum extrusion, metal architectural panel, aluminum door and window and curtain wall.  The service industry is involved in import and export trade, hotel service, property management, stock and logistic and so on.   


AVIC XAC is upgrading its industrial structure through product innovation. Operation index is in continuous rise with a high pace. Since 2007, its annual turnover has topped 10 billion Yuan in consecutive 4 years. For years, XAC has been awarded successively National Customer Satisfied Enterprise, “May First” Labor Medal, High-tech Weapon Equipment Development Construction Engineering Contribution Prize, National ‘Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise’, National Quality Profit Oriented Advanced Enterprise, National Cultural and Ideological Progress Advanced Enterprise, National Thinking and Politics Work Advanced Enterprise and National Civilization Unit. In 2008, ‘Xifei’ trademark was certified as China Famous Trademark.


Looking to the future, under core strategy of ‘Contribute to the nation with aviation industry, Strengthen the military forces and enrich the people’, AVIC XAC will form core competitive ability systems of product development, final assembly integrations, suppliers control, marketing and service supports by greatly promoting strategy implementation of ‘two participations, three innovations, five approaches, target of sales of one trillion’ and creating advanced industry and technology platform in accordance with AVIC and AVIC Aircraft Company strategy. It will still take a leading role in terms of economic benefits and economic scale by constructing enterprise operation model and business network and sustainably improving management level, building itself a more regionally influenced enterprise driving local economic development as well as a domestically leading and world class aviation industry enterprise.